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“Thanks a million for coming out last week and being a great host. We all had a great time and look forward to launching many more incentives with Try That!”

- Todd Shalton (Associate Director, External Sales Channel, Bell Canada)

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A Try That{!} ® Experience has two distinct advantages over cash rewards:

• Higher Perceived Value

• Lasting Positive Association

Rewarding exceptional performance and loyalty with a once-in-a-lifetime experience{!}

Key Business Area - SALES

Constantly increasing sales is, for the vast majority of commercial organizations, an ongoing priority. But for many the question remains as to how to achieve this; how does an organization incentivise its’ sales staff to use their “discretionary motivation” or the consumer to choose their product over the competitions’? 

A Try That{!} ® Experience has two distinct advantages over cash rewards: firstly, they often have a much higher perceived value than their actual cost, and secondly, the recipient is far more likely to repeatedly discuss an Experience they enjoyed and will remember it for many years to come, providing a continuous positive association with your organization. 

Picture if you will two scenarios: one where an employee or customer is discussing with a colleague how they spent their cash bonus at the grocery store, and another where the same individual is discussing their day driving race cars, having a flying lesson, or at the spa. Which scenario is most likely to ensure positive feelings and benefits towards your organization, now and into the future?


Case Study – WESCO Distribution

In 2007 WESCO Distribution launched a national sales campaign aimed at its’ network of distributors of electrical components, in many cases contractors involved with home construction. The theme of the campaign was “Wilderness Adventure”, and Try That{!} ® was engaged to provide experiential rewards, and did this by providing bespoke ‘Freedom Vouchers’, vouchers that gave the recipient the freedom to choose from a range of Experiences. The reward levels were graduated, ranging from $200 up to $4000, with the level awarded being a direct function of a percentage increase in sales quarter on quarter. In addition, Try That{!} ® was also instrumental in the creation of a web site designed to back up the campaign and provide further information for the distributors. 

In all 647 distributors participated and the campaign saw a 14% median sales increase compared to a 7% sales decline for non registered contractors with a two year sales history. This resulted in Incremental sales of approximately $4.0M The key point here is that although the active portion of the campaign is now over, the Freedom Voucher redemptions are ongoing and as such WESCO is still being viewed in a positive light by those who participated and received a Try That{!} ® Experience.