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“Thanks a million for coming out last week and being a great host. We all had a great time and look forward to launching many more incentives with Try That!”

- Todd Shalton (Associate Director, External Sales Channel, Bell Canada)


Experiences for existing loyalty programs, as well as assistance with the creation and management of custom loyalty and points programs

Providing aspirational rewards that drive purchases and points redemptions{!}

Try That{!} ® is a supplier of experiential rewards to several national loyalty and points programs managers, including:

Merit Loyalty: CIBC Aventura
Carlson Marketing: RBC Mortgage Referrals
Maritz Canada: Aeroplan

We have extensive experience in providing products to the loyalty industry, and our Experiences have a strong track record of popularity amongst program participants. We are in a position to provide rewards to existing loyalty programs as well as assist with the creation of loyalty and management of loyalty and points programs.